Downloads & purchases are two different features of Wynk Music. Please refer to table below to see the differences between the them


Download Purchase
Songs are stored within app Songs are stored outside app
Songs can only be played through Wynk Music  Songs can be played by any player
Go to My Music and Tap on 'All Downloaded' to access downloaded songs Go to My Music and Tap on 'All Purchased' to access downloaded songs
Downloaded songs are played without data usage  Purchased songs are also played without data usage if physical file is not moved from its location
Physical files of downloaded songs are stored in encrypted format Physical files of purchased songs are stored in mp3 format
Only url of the downloaded songs can be shared from within the app Physical files of purchased songs can be shared by bluetooth, transferred to PC etc
Active Wynk subscription is required to download songs Need to pay charges to purchase individual songs/albums
Songs can be downloaded in both Android and iOS app   Songs can be purchased only in Android app